Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weigh In Day



Weigh in Day!!!!

5.15 = 247.8
5.22 = 244.2

-3.6 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 15.8 pounds

YES!!!!!! I finally reached my 5% goal. HAPPY DANCE. Now I've set my next goal of 10% and I need to get to 234. Ten pounds, not too difficult.
This last week has been loaded with tons of exercise. Seven out of eight days I walked or ran. Yesterday and today I decided to take a break which yielded in a power cleaning and de-cluttering of the house and caused me to be on my feet for 6 plus hours yesterday.

Oh, and I lost another point today... :( Down to 37 now.
I'm feeling great and cannot wait to continue this journey!

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