Friday, July 22, 2011

{ Week 3 } 100 Mile Challenge

{ Week 3 } 100 Mile Challenge

7/15/11: 0 miles
7/16/11: 4 miles ~ 60 minutes strength training
7/17/11: 0 miles
7/18/11: 4 miles ~ 60 minutes strength training
7/19/11: 3 miles ~ 15:01 avg pace + 4 miles ~ 60 minutes strength training
7/20/11: 2 miles ~ 18:22 avg pace
7/21/11: 0 miles

Weekly Total = 17 Miles
Challenge Total = 49 / 200 Miles

Boy oh boy what a week...

I took some time off from walking and threw some strength training in. I then decided to go for a walk which turned into a run. Then I tried to go for a walk the next day and it.was.terrible. So I really really really debated hard over whether or not to go last night. It was 102* at 5:45pm...AAAAHHHHH; heat index was well over 106* and taking two little ones out in that weather made me nervous. Then it boiled down to my poor neglected garden. I HAD to harvest what I could and get it put up in the freezer. So by the time dinner was over, the garden taken care of and all the veggies put away it was past 9:45pm. I did enough sweating today being in and out of the stores, loading and unloading the I'm glad I took a break.

Well, today starts a new week, so to speak. And it's on. I'm also thinking that even though my weight isn't dropping as fast as I'd like I need to update my measurements. I can definitely tell there's a difference in my legs and I'm starting to see definition in my I think it's worth visiting the measurement bin.

Until next time. ;)


Kim Bee said...

New follower. Found you on fitblogger. Love your blog.

financecupcake said...

You are doing amazing! You were busy sweating and picking veggies and didn't get to run? It sounds like you were still doing healthy stuff. Congrats on the three-mile run!!! WOW.

Mannie said...

Congrats on the loss earlier on in the week, you sound like you're having a hard time in the heat when I'm shivering here in front of a heater. 17 miles is a pretty good effort, so congrats on that too.

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