Sunday, March 24, 2013

Push it till you puke

I finally feel like I'm accomplishing something. Today I finally pushed my body to the limits that I started dry heaving during my leg routine!!!! However, not so sure about the impending soreness that may accompany my quads, hams and glutes tomorrow. :P

 photo 03_24_2013WO_zps6c48de34.jpg

Mother Nature is screwing with us in the Midwest yet again... It's supposedly snow you see? But the good news is, my muck boots are no longer cutting into my calves!!! Look, there's room around my leg. WooHoo!
And yes... I stopped mid-workout to text my bff and let her know what her killer leg routine had done to me. LOL.

 photo 3aedf601-345b-4ae6-aff8-b46130cdab0a_zps25aef895.jpg

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