Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I've all but lost and regained my mojo... or so I thought. I started a new routine last week and well, I failed 3 out of 6 days. FML.

 photo IMG_7616_zps03bb67ab.jpg

I know my problem...it's me. This morning I snapped. It wasn't pretty are bitched and yelled at my husband and he has nothing to do with it. But he stood there, took it like a good husband and let me walk away to leave for my meeting without so much as a comeback.

When I returned home it was kind enough to let me apologize for the way I acted. Seriously, he's not holding the fork to my head. He's not sneaking into the kids treats late at night after eating clean all day. He's not to blame. I AM. I allowed those snacks in the house and I allowed myself to indulge one too many times this week. Me, me, me.

So why cannot I not break past this mental block? What has changed? That's what I don't understand. :P

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 photo IMG_7479_zps4e3b6459.jpg

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 photo YourBodyInstrument_zps1c07f67e.jpg

Trying to keep my head up... and move forward. ;)

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