Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Progess Pics

 photo caution_sign_w_exclamationcopy_zps08b43739.png 

As I've said before, my before picture is not at my heaviest {277.6lbs}, but close. I have 4 or 5 of these types of progress pictures in my journey. I was tempted to put them all side by side so you could see me shrinking, but I think that may have been a few too many semi-nekid pics of me for one post. :P

Am I 100% happy with how my body looks today? No. Am I getting closer to my goals? Yes! My weight has been stuck for a month or more now, but.. I am losing some serious inches overall. I mean I've gone from a size 26W to a 16... I CANNOT complain about that.

I went through a rough patch not long ago and slipped away from working out, that put some major crimps in my plans. But the good news is, I'm not alone. Yes, this isn't the first time someone has gone through a slump. The most important thing is that I got back up and picked up where I left off. I can definitely tell the difference on days where I skip a workout, which still happens from time to time, but I try my best to not make it a habit. I've spent too much time creating a good habit of working out to just give up.

Without any more jibber jabber... Here I am in almost my birthday suit. O.o
 photo Feb11_May13_Comp_Front_zps5966dbfb.jpg

 photo Feb11_May13_Comp_Side_zps99cafd17.jpg

 photo Feb11_May13_Comp_Back_zpsd6740406.jpg

I'm very please with the changes I've gone through thus far, still have a ways to go. :D

Here's a few recent IG pic for you too, so my butt isn't the last thing you see tonight. ;)

 photo IMG_7985_zpsc0bc6bb0.jpg
This was a great "recipe." So easy and so tasty!!! Smoked Paprika Chicken, Whole Wheat Orzo and Herbed Goat Cheese Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Nomnomnom!

 photo IMG_8005_zpsf991b8af.jpg
Me & Baby Girl getting our flex on.

 photo IMG_7976_zpsfd720bed.jpg
I love a nice long ride!


Anonymous said...

You look amazing!! All that hard work is paying off. Keep it up! Such an inspiration to so many people.

Heather said...

You are superwoman. I'm so proud and amazed at your determination.

I want to be able to do what you are doing, but I just HATE it so much. How did you make yourself just DO IT??

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