Monday, July 30, 2012

How was my week?

Well, my week went well. Better than I expected. I planned for 5 days of exercise and I got all 5 days in and then some! For my new goal of 33 points a day...I had several days above that. However, with the amount of exercise I was getting, I had to eat those points and I do not feel guilty about it. :)


Speaking of exercise, Saturday we went for our first bike ride as a family since... forever? I know it was my first ride in ages. We stuck to our usual route and that was a challenge in itself. We only got 5.5 miles in, but my legs were Jell-O and the hubs had already spent 2 hours in Krav class. It was nice. Now I'm amped up to go to our favorite trail at the lake! 18.16 miles here I come...

As for today...I RAN. Not jogged, not slogged, I RAN! Now I'm feeling it. But I was trying to see if I could run for 3 miles and just how fast I could go. Did I do it? Hell yeah. I got queezy after 2 miles and felt like puking at the end. It was awesome. My previous best average pace is 15:30. Today? 14:39. Can you believe? I sure can't. After pushing myself the 3 miles I reset my watch and walk for another 20 minutes to give myself a cool down mile. I must say I'm rather proud of myself. :)

In foodie news, as you saw above I'm doing well managing my points and I must say this week "felt" much better given the choices I made over what I've been doing in the past. I have a really good feeling about the scale in the morning. These iPhone pics are from earlier this week.

I enjoyed a humongous spinach & romaine salad with green onion & cherry tomatoes, a bit of fat free cheese and light raspberry vinaigrette. I accompanied it with left over spinach & cheese stuffed chicken breast. It was very nummy.


Two nummy new recipes here...the first pic is the before of the Broccoli & Orzo. The second pic is the completed Broccoli & Orzo with Crock Pot Lemon Chicken. Both are fabulous!

And just for giggles, here's one of my fav pics of late, by me. See ya'll tomorrow!


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Mannie said...

Congratulations on doing so much exercise! I'd love to go for a ride but sadly there is no one to ride with me. Also you've lost weight 6 weeks in a row so far, that's pretty good.

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