Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Need To Talk

So yesterday I showed you my pretty new friend? Well, today it wasn't much better. However, we went to Chili's for lunch. We wanted to try something "different." Well I opted to get a Bacon Cheeseburger...I know, shame on me. But I ordered is sans Mayo and pickle, because dill pickles are of the devil. But that's neither here nor there. I also requested a wheat bun...and a side of fries. Well I thought it can't be that bad compared to their "Lighter Choices" Menu. I mean seriously, their lighter choices should be called, just this side of what you could have ordered full fat menu. In order to qualify for their special menu it has to come in under 730 calories. WHAT? Seriously... So their GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD, has 430 calories alone. Yes, you can shake your head in disgust as I did. I'm sorry but no salad with that many calories is worth eating.

Back to my burger, so we place our order. And I being, naughty didn't check the points before hand and I am kicking myself in the a$$ for not doing so. You guys... 42 points for ONE FREAKING CHEESEBURGER. Granted, I don't know how many points are knocked off for the mayo, but OH MY GEE. The fries? 10 points. Needless to say I immediately boxed up half the burger. Sent half the fries packing to my daughter's plate as she opted for pineapple for her side (yes, she's my fruit baby and no she didn't even eat half of the fries I put on her plate). So, I'm kicking myself, but I also told myself I needed a splurge as I hadn't had one in a while.

I get home and we all take a nap. After my nap I get myself some dinner while composing myself, as it's been a rough, long day. The kids get up late from their nap and I decided we need to go for a walk. I mean after all, it was 104º and that was a bit much for the kiddos to be in. I figured I'd wait until the sun was almost down and it had cooled down...then I find out it's still 102º at 8:30pm. But, we made a go at it anyways. I managed to work in 3 miles. I cut it short 1) So I didn't put too much stress on my blister and 2) Lightening. Believe it or not, but there were storm clouds overhead. It was freaking baby girl out, so I thought it best to call it a night. The good news is I had some kickin' pace times. My first mile was S-L-O-W, but the next to were under 17 minutes!!!


So the whole point of this post??? I need to find some alternatives to walking outside. It's supposed to 107º by next Wednesday. I love the heat, I love sweating but I cannot justify putting my babies through that. So I've determined that alternatives are a must. 


Since I don't have a gym membership I will working through Lazy Girl Fitness. What is that? Well, you know being a stay at home mom doesn't mean you sit around eating bons bons all damn day. I have two very active children, one husband on the graveyard shift and boat load of things that have to happen to keep our house somewhat presentable.

So, Lazy Girl Fitness are simply exercises that you can do, in your home, with little to no equipment. They are quick, simple, and do their job. For example, why just brush your teeth? Why not brush your teeth while doing toe raises? Better yet, why sit and fold laundry when you can wall sit & fold laundry. GENIUS!

I'd really like to work on my core some, as I'm not targeting it nearly enough. However, with kids I'm finding that difficult as they use my as a jungle gym as soon as I hit the floor. It wouldn't be such a bad thing if someone was standing by to help me wrangle them. Not to mention they think "instant pony that must be bounced on" if they catch a glimpse of me on all fours. Now, I know I can use their weight to my advantage, but they need some listening skills first. ;)

It's late, I need more sleep so I'll leave you with that.

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