Monday, August 27, 2012

Call Me Crazy

So, a little back story; my neighbor, Liz, is one of my best friends. Love her to death, would do just about anything for her. She ventured into the world of Avon distributing. Through that venture she met our newest friend, Danni. Long story short Liz is on vacation and Danni is house sitting, so we can get into all sorts of fun together. LOL.

Another fun fact about Liz is that she has many "blonde" moments. One of which was ordering 400 Avon catalogs instead of 40. So while she is on vacation, Danni & I decided to help her out and distribute those catalogs in our neighborhood today. WOW. That was one heck of a work out. We walked over two miles, and put almost 120 catalogs out there before we succumbed to the heat. We had three kids in tow, one wagon, one jogging stroller, snack & supplies to keep the kids occupied and three heavy @$$ boxes of catalogs. We stopped at each house and climbed the stairs at each house.


Yes, I must be flipping crazy. Considering I can still barely walk from my fabulous work out the other day. I ran three miles yesterday and then I spent over an hour walking, climbing stairs and pushing the jogger around. Yes...crazy. Oh, and being the geniuses we are, we thought we'd hit the entire neighborhood with the boxes we had on us. I'm pretty sure we only hit 1/4-1/3 of it. :P

But I love these gals, so it was worth it.

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