Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weigh In Day



Weigh in Day!!!!

01.29 = 216.2
02.05 = 216.0 

-0.2 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 61.6 pounds

Today's first-thing-wake-up-naked weight:

 photo 2_5_13WI_zps8ee968eb.jpg

Okay, so I was seeing 214's on the scale all.week.long. Then I woke up to this after two days AFTER the pizza-dent. WTH??? Oh well, sodium be damned! :)

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Unknown said...

Okay, this may be a 'cheat', but I find that if I move around after I wake up and go potty and get my blood moving that I usually weigh about 1-2lbs less. Maybe that's just me and I'm not sure of any 'science' behind it but I never weigh straight out of bed or even just after I go to the bathroom. I always wait about 20-30 minutes. :) **It helped me in today's weigh in after some serious sodium yesterday for sure. :)

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