Sunday, May 4, 2014

She's doing what???

 photo IMG_7843_zps691c2ae1.jpg
Upper Left: After a sweaty hour of Krav Maga | Upper Right: After 25 minutes of Grappling

So you know I've been doing CrossKick for a while now. I started Krav Maga in January, but things beyond my control kept me from it (poison ivy, injury, lack of motivation). But I'm back...and then some.

I've been back at Krav for a few weeks now and last Tuesday my instructor coerced me to the mat for some grappling with him & my husband. I said yes before I realized what I was doing. LOL. I've now done it twice the past week, following an hour of sweaty Krav. It's a great calorie burner and a great way to feel sore in ways you never thought possible. 

So my husband talked with the owners and we are now officially on the "family plan." Meaning we all train now; CrossKick, Krav Maga, Advanced training (grappling/sparring), the kids karate classes and finally Baby Girl can do Black Belt Club. We pretty much live there 5 days a week, so you know, why not?

Here's how my week breaks down:


> Cardio
> Weight Lifting


> CrossKick


> Weight Lifting
> Krav Maga
> Advance Training (Grappling or Sparring)


> CrossKick


> Weight Lifting
> Krav Maga
> Advance Training (Grappling or Sparring)


> Active Rest Day


> CrossKick
> Krav Maga

And this isn't all...throw in the kids karate classes, twice per week,  baby girls dance classes, and school drop off & pick ups and yes, I have a rather full schedule. But I love every moment of it.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Fitness Photo A Day Challenge

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I started this May Fitness Photo Challenge on instagram. Feel free to join in there or you are welcome to post to your blog. If you do, please comment with your links so I can check out your pics. :)

I will likely post my pics at the end of each week. Week 1 will consist of May 1st - 7th.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Recap

Wait? What? Yes...I've not been very good with my blog other than update race pics. :P Forgive me? Seriously, it's just so much easier to post to Instagram.

HOWEVER...we have officially ditched our satellite which means the kids have their cartoon DVDs and Disney movies to watch OR whatever I can find online and hook my laptop up to the t.v. So, this should allow me to have a bit more "down time" to get some blogging done. Maybe. ;)

So for my lack of posts, here's a quick recap of January-April of 2014, pics included.

January 2014

 photo IMG_5096_zps15cf1b13.jpg

New Year's Eve; My husband actually had the night off and for the first time since I can remember I got dolled up and we went out. The next morning I took this picture and put it together with an old one. I was astonished by the change in my face.

 photo IMG_3991_zps95943ddc.jpg

Finally my friend Kayla got me on the mats for Krav Maga after CrossKick class. I had so much fun and discovered I have much more strength than I realized. Later on, during the kids karate class, I discovered a battle wound. We had worked on gun defense and it's likely the "gun" scratched me open during one of our drills. I text it to Kayla and she was relieve to finally know where the blood came from on her body. LOL. She was freaking out because she couldn't find a scratch on herself.

 photo IMG_5100_zpsd32df4d7.jpg

This place, Premier Martial Arts - Kansas City, became my second home. We spend 5 days a week here between CrossKick, Krav Maga and Karate for the kids.

 photo IMG_5964_zpsb2d74fc9.jpg

January hit me in the gut. I had developed a great friendship with Kayla, and I helped her weight train as she prepared to join the Marines. We bonded over our fitness and self defense classes. The kids loved her as her karate instructor and she just "fit" in our family. Then I got a text that she was shipping out the next morning, unexpectedly. Two weeks before she was supposed to and it just killed me. Not being able to hug her goodbye, wish her just tanked my mojo.

Soon after she left, her mother and I began training together and we have become great friends. We rely on each other for motivation during our lifts, we take her puppies & the kids on walks, and I have her running 5k's with me...and soon her first 10k in September. It has been great to have her around, yet I still miss my dear friend. Soon enough she will graduate so I can give her that damn hug.

February 2014

 photo IMG_3789_zps1252f515.jpg

February sucked hairy balls. Seriously though, my training was great. However I have to admit I cannot out exercise that bad food choices. They weren't mistakes. They weren't cheats. They were decisions I made and have to live with. Too many meals, like above. Too many pizza's. Too much of the kids treats. You name it. Food has haunted me.

 photo IMG_5345_zps9cae7dd7.jpg

I did find a new healthy love, which I still have to tighten my reigns on so I don't eat a jar in one sitting. You Fresh Naturals, it's an easy way to add some healthy almond/coconut fat to my nutrition plan. I typically have a tbsp on my Ezekiel bread for breakfast or a tbsp on my sweet potato. Yummo!

 photo IMG_5420_zpsdf405be8.jpg

And then I have to keep telling myself this, despite my terrible food choices; How am I to know what I can achieve if I quit? It's something that is sticking in my brain despite any "bad" choices I make.

March 2014

 photo IMG_6700_zpsaf7241e3.jpg

Being down on myself is taking its toll. Not seeing the scale move is a real motivation killer, so I did this pic up for Transformation Tuesday. So, I haven't seen much weight progress in a long time. I have seen muscle definition, muscle mass and added strength. I have seen my pants becoming bigger and bigger and baggier and baggier. Clearly what I am doing is making a difference regardless of the scale.

I also have to note that my husband was floored by this collage. He looked at me and said "I did not realize you had gotten that big." He didn't see it, because he loves me, his wife. He saw me day in and day out...but there have been some obvious improvements over the last two years for certain, even if I am not seeing what I think I should be. ;)

 photo IMG_6751_zps6006b222.jpg

My new BFF. I purchased my ISObag from Flex Till You're Famous and it was one of the best decisions EVER. This baby is so flipping useful. It really helps on Wednesday's when we go from class to home, to pick up the kid, back to their classes. It makes is a LOT easier to stay on point and keep me out of Subway where those damn cookies find their way into my belly.

April 2014

 photo IMG_7165_zps7d9f6cc9.jpg

And this my friends is day 6 of poison ivy. I contracted it the day before my birthday and after a massively swollen/stiff arm, two trips to the doctor, two scripts for steroids, a script for anti-itch and a script for an antibiotic, it put me out of the workout zone for the past few weeks. As long as it was weeping I wasn't allowed to workout. Sweat irritated the condition and of course that agitated me. I am nearly healed at this point. I still have visible scars, and one wound trying to heal over; I am cleared for workouts now. I have to wear long sleeves when I run outdoors for a while to keep the sun off me, but at least I can get my mojo flowing again. And, no I did not touch the ivy. My dad was cutting vines with his chainsaw in a fence row.  The oils went airborne (which I didn't think of at the time) and poof! I've always been super sensitive to it and I pray I never see the stuff again.

 photo IMG_7487_zps52a3ae0c.jpg

So I am back to sweating my booty off during CrossKick, hopefully I can hit up Krav on Thursday. Easter was hard on me, no matter what I tried the kids Easter candy kept jumping my mouth. So I'm trying to locate my will power again. Today was day 1 with no candy!

2014 has been rocky to say the least, but I am a stronger person for it and I will keep forging on.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nature's Pantry - Spring Into Fitness 5k

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 photo IMG_1070_s_jpg_jpg_zpsc0489c4f.jpg

 photo IMG_1361_s_jpg_jpg_zpsa059ee72.jpg

 photo IMG_7669_zps8769fdaa.jpg

You have no idea how excited I was to see "4th" next to my name in my age bracket. I am always middle of the pack and somehow I managed to run into 4th place. Fourth out of fifteen females. I impressed myself. :D

 photo IMG_7662_zps4c1141e7.jpg

 photo IMG_7663_zps3b620340.jpg

 photo Results_zps0dfbeb01.jpg

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