About Me

I'm a fun-loving crafty gal, who hasn't seen my true personality in years. It seems to have become burried beneath the flab that is draping from my body. I am a wife to my amazing husband, Adam, and a mother to two gorgeous young children, Arabella & Evan.

Adam and I met and fell in love in 2005 and were married in September of 2007. Following our marriage we had a rough patch in our family as Adam's father became ill and passed away on Christmas Eve of 2007. A few months later we decided that I would stop taking birth control and try to get pregnant with our first child. Our doctor told us to give it at least three months after stopping the pills for any ovulation to happen. Low and behold, two weeks later we would conceive our daughter. Much to our surprise and elation she entered the world on December 31, 2008. A precious gift. I had gained 35+ pounds during my pregnancy with Arabella, but being overweight prior to my pregnancy didn't help my health, or self esteem at all.

A short four months later we found out that our surprise baby, Evan would be joining the family. I was four months post partum when we heard of his being. So, not only was I nursing our daughter, but I had not been working out because of the possibility of the work out side effects or a drop in my already unstable supply of breast milk. Months went by and I gained who knows how many pounds while pregnant with Evan and on February 2, 2010 Evan decided to make an appearance. Yes, I had two children, 13 months and 2 days apart.

It has been a crazy ride ever since. Raising two children so close in age is no easy task, that much I can tell you. To add stress to the mix, shortly after Evan's birth, Adam was moved to the graveyard shift at work. Thus leaving me with two small children for the better part of 19 hours a day, unassisted. I found myself completely un-motivated and when I did find down time, which could have been better spent working out, I would just sit. Sit in silence, sulk on the couch, and dream of being someone else. Dream of having another body, my teenage body perhaps?

Weight loss for me is important, at this time, because my health is in jeparody and I want to be around for my children. So stand back and watch me do my best, hold my hand when I'm down, and encourage me when I need it. In the end...I WILL SUCCEED!
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