Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm still here

Thank you to those who have checked on me. I'm still around, just not on the blog much. I'll make this short as I'm fixing dinner, but After my last post we took a mini vacation to Nebraska. While enroute home I received a call that my uncle had passed away. I was fortunate enough that I got to say good bye before we left the state. I was then asked to do a memorial slide show for the funeral and the dinner after the funeral, as well as take portraits for the funeral itself. Some may go, woah isn't that morbid? No. My uncle was a hero. He was a war veteran as well as 20+ year fire fighter. He was given a military funeral as well as the last rights of a fireman. My aunt wanted this celebration of life captured so I did so.

The day after we burried my uncle, my great-uncle on the other side of the family passed away. The day of his funeral my grandfather was in the hospital for a procedure and he was fearful that he wouldn't wake from the anesthesia given his condition. So, as you can see my family has taken some hits, as well as my stomach.

My eating has suffered, my exercise suffered more. I haven't ran or walked for that matter since we visited the zoo. That was back on August 29th-30th. Here lately I've been using my crafts as an outlet, a relief from what's been going on with me emotionally.

I'm still here, I just haven't put forth the effort I should have been. Unfortunately in this short amount of time my weight has bounced back up. I really need a good kick in the pants to get back out there I think, or at least less allergies. If I can't sit and watch t.v. without peeing myself when I sneeze I don't know how I'll make it four miles round the neighborhood. :/

Between the fireman's escort by at least 5 districts, the patriot guard, and his friends and family, it was the most impressive funeral procession I've ever seen.

My grandmother (right) should have never had to go through this. My uncle is the second of her six children she's had to burry, it's just not fair. My aunt lost her high school sweetheart, and my cousins lost their father. There are no words.

The last call was the most emotional things I've ever had to endure during a funeral. If you've never been apart of one, well let's just say I had a heck of time keeping the camera in focus and not shaking to take pictures.

You are dearly missed. I love you Uncle Cliff.

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Mannie said...

Thanks for the update. I'm so sorry that you've had so much loss recently, and I've found when I don't have much or any control in your life, I turn to food. Hope you're managing with things in general apart from recent events, and looking forward to more updates.

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