Monday, December 17, 2012

Hi There

Hey guys! Betcha thought I disappeared? Well I did, sort of. Between my last craft show, the kids getting sick and me getting sick (and I still am) I have all but forgotten my blog. :(

I went to the doctor Friday and she said if I wasn't feeling any better by today or tomorrow she call me in a script but otherwise I have to wait it out. Low and behold I woke up with the worst migraine yet. Yuck!

So I'm still trying to recoup, and my body is no where near the shape it needs to sustain physical activity. BOO! So I'll rest some more. I'm even debating on going to weigh in tomorrow because my eating has been less than stellar. (AKA a LOT of comfort foods) The pizza has been yummy and Sonic last night, not so much. I'm regretting some of the choices I've made since Friday.

I move forward though...

As you can see from my log to the left that things weren't all that great at the last two weigh ins. Head up and go forward!

1 comment:

Lovebug6100 said...

I'm glad you're back....I hope you feel better soon...despite not having great weigh ins, you continue to be an inspiration to me and I look forward to being able to say I lost 60 lbs!!!

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