Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weigh In

Weigh In

This was totally expected & I'll expand on that...

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05.14 = 212.0
05.21 = 214.6

+2.6 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 63.0 pounds

Now, the reason for the gain? I worked out. What??? Gaining weight while you work out? Well, it's technically NOT A WEIGHT GAIN. It's water and waste. Monday (yes, the day before weigh in) my husband and the instructor of the kettlebell class convinced me to take said class. What.was.I.thinking?

I was thinking I wanted to try something new. I was thinking I needed to start getting my self confidence back. I've always shied away from class situation because of my size. I didn't feel confident enough to workout in front of others, especially not knowing how many people could potentially be there. This was a huge step for me.

So we run out and buy a 10 pound kettlebell for the class; the hubs thought I should start with a 5 pound bell. I show up to the class early, sit patiently and the guys start to trickle in. In total there were 5 guys and the instructor, all of which my husband trains with in Krav Maga & BJJ. They are training in endurance sports, so needless to say they are a smidge intimidating. The instructor, as well as another instructor who was partaking used 35 pound kettlebells for the class...see intimidation, right?

The class lasted 60 minutes and was a High Intensity Interval Training with kettlebells. A three minute running warmup, three 15 minute intervals; lower body, upper body & abs/back; with 30-60 second breaks in between the intervals. Also included was a cool down/stretch session. So, lower body consisted of squats, squats and more squats while involving a little upper body. Then upper body consisted of a little upper body with more squats. Abs and back...it wasn't all that terrible, except that I had just worked out abs & back and shoulders the day prior. Then he threw in some planking. Oh but wait we can't just plank, no we have to raise one arm parallel to the ground while planking.... then we march while planking. It was a blast.

What I learned... my a$$ is so f'n sore today it's not even funny. No leg workout has ever made me feel this sore. I'm really contemplating getting a walker. LOL. I also learned that a 10 pound kettlebell wasn't nearly heavy enough for me. My arms are not the least sore today, so when I do the class again I'll either go with a 15 or 20 pounder. And her my hubs thought I should start with a 5 pound bell, heh. Back to the point of this, the "gain." Basically with the intensity of this soreness there are millions of micro-tears in my muscles and of the 1+ gallon of water I consumed yesterday my body is holding on to some of it in order to repair the worn muscles.

So in essence I am not fretting or worrying over this "gain." My meals and exercise have been spot on and regardless of loss I know I'm doing what's right for my body. In fact I had to go buy a new pair of jeans. I'm officially a size 16 now!!!!! And for the first time EVER I'm wearing a pair of skinny jeans. O.o

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Work Outs
Last weeks workouts!!! 5 for 6

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Monday: Chest & Triceps
Tuesday: 5.06 mile Ride
Wednesday: Legs & Biceps
Thursday: 5.14 mile Ride
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: ??
Sunday: Back/Shoulders, Core & Calves

Here's the official MD5K race pic. :)

 photo MD5KFinish_zps5fd3576f.jpg

A Little Motivation

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