Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Where did August Go?

Where did August go? I just spent a few moments updating the last three weigh ins... I swear I'm not a slacker. But rather I've decided to change my navigational beacon and attempt for create some income for my family. With that being said I'm officially an Independent Distributor for It Works Global!!!!

 Bobbi Sharp - It Works

Personal Testimony/My Story

You're probably wondering why? Why It Works!? Well... because it really does work. In June 2012 I had already lost a significant amount of weight through eating properly and exercise. I had come to the point that the skin folding over, plus sweaty work outs, were leaving me with unsavory rashes. Most uncomfortable and embarrassing. My friend, and now Ambassador, Shauntel had just started selling It Works! and I thought... why not? I emailed her and asked if she thought the wraps could help my skin/rash issues. With a resounding yes, I followed up with ample questions. What is in the wrap**, how does it work, what precautions need to be taken with my thyroid medication. The list went on. We chatted back and forth for probably a good week before Adam and I jumped on board and I signed up as a Loyal Customer.

I waited for what seemed like a month for the wraps to arrive. At that time they had had such a boost in purchases they were having trouble keeping up production. But the wait was well worth it. Immediately I noticed my rash disappeared and the proof was in the pudding. The pictures were all the proof I needed. The difference was astounding. I continued to wrap for a few months and then money got tight and I had to stop. That was a big mistake. As I continued to lose weight the skin continued to bag and hang. Once again I found myself needing those wraps.

By now my bff since pre school, Krissi, had jumped on board. I was in a tight spot financially. We are a one income family and I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to help out with bills around the house, and quite honestly it's stressful. So after several weeks of Krissi asking me WHY NOT? I gave her my reasons of WHY. Funny enough, that's all it took. What did I have to lose? More loose skin and saying good bye to our debt? Sounds like a win-win to me.

 photo IMG_7995_zpsd9f64f58.jpg

So I have begun wrapping yet again and it still amazes me what a difference it makes. The top picture was my before. I wrapped right after that and for the next several months, inconsistently.

The bottom is "currently" where I'm at. I can honestly say the products do what they say they do. I cannot imagine how my mid-section would look if the skin was still completely loose. I have no idea how many wraps I've used now, but I do know that consistency is key. 

  • Consistently eating healthy and clean
  • Consistently exercising 6 days a week
  • Consistently wrapping once a week
  • Consistently using the Defining Gel after every shower.
I am telling you... these wraps are worth their weight in gold. Are they a quick fix? For some maybe, for most probably not. They are a supplementation to a proper nutrition plan and exercise program. But if you're like me and have a lot of weight to lose, you'll need some way to repair that skin that doesn't cost you $50,000.00 like a full tummy tuck would cost.

So I ask you... WHY NOT?!?!?!

 photo IMG_7935_zpsd891220a.jpg
I 110% stand behind the It Works! Body Contouring Wraps and line of Supplements. I also believe 100% that it all starts in the kitchen.

 Bobbi Sharp - It Works


** I personally am 100% behind this wrap as all of the ingredients are botanical in nature, otherwise I would not be using it on my body!

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