Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Broadway Bridge Run


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Yay for official race pics! As you may know, I was signed up to run the 10k. This would have been my one year anniversary from my first race as an adult, and my second 10k. I was amped to see what my time improvement would have been, but due to my foot issues... I downgraded to the 5k.

I swear on my life I tried to walk this race... for all of a half mile. I just did not have it in me to not walk. I must have a competitive streak a mile wide. I didn't have any issues during the run, I'm banking on the endorphins kicking in.

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Chip Time: 41:06.2
Age Group Place: 21/25
Overall Place:217

I made it through the race, pain free and immediately made my way to the chiropractors tent and had my foot taped up. I felt great!! I was pain free until my podiatrist appointment when the tape was removed for evaluation. :/ (I will post on that shortly)

 photo IMG_9109_zpscc92c9f4.jpg

And for grins and giggles...

2012 vs. 2013
 photo IMG_9180_zps0c256047.jpg

 photo IMG_9192_zpscfd1d87a.jpg

What can you do in one year? You have 365 days... you can do it!

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