Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doctor Update + My New Bling Holder

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Sigh, I went to the doctor today, one week post-injury. Sadly I have been instructed to wear the boot for another 10 days. :(

We are treating it as a stress fracture. I go back the 22nd for re-evaluation, and if it isn't healed by then we will schedule and MRI. I am not happy about this by any stretch of the imagination. Cardio every other day? Pshhh. I can't run in a boot and walking is near impossible. FML.

I'll keep icing it and sitting on my butt because that's what's best for my foot right? Not so much for my self esteem. 

On the other hand my new Medal Hanger arrived today!!!!

After hours upon hours of agonizing over which design I wanted I finally ordered the Always Earned, Never Given hanger; 30" x 1 bar.

My husband quickly obliged me in hanging it up, which was super quick. Allied Medal Displays provides all of the necessary hardware and instructions that actually make sense! My husband loved that. LOL.

 photo IMG_6572_zps03ee3abc.jpg

As far as my plan for the future? I'm planning on using each section for an entire years worth of medals, so I'll be good for the next two years. LOL. After that I will be buying a plain single bar and have it mounted underneath the medals for the next three years worth. After that, I'll buy a new display! And so forth and so on... :D

I love that the medals are not lying in a drawer or hanging on a hook ruining the ribbons. The quality is amazing, the shipping was fast and I am super excited to see what it looks like when it's all full! Of course right now I only have medals for 2013 thus far. ;)

 photo IMG_6573_zps6511426b.jpg

What will my next design be? I'm leaning towards My Race Bling. Although I told the hubs I may go with a custom hanger that reads "I Am Running Away." Teehee

 photo RunningAway_zpsf449511f.jpg
30" x 1 - Demonized Font with Shoe Sole and Female Runner

I'm also contemplating order a PR medal hanger. I think it would be neat to display the medal that represents my current personal record. If only I had more money than dreams!

Daddy told Baby Girl that if she gets serious about running he will buy her, her very own medal hanger and she chose one that suits our princess perfectly. LOL.

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