Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

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Baby Girl and I made cupcake cones for the party...yes I did indulge. :P

Yes, I know it's after the 4th. Now that things have calmed down some I can update the blog. For those who don't keep up with me on Instagram, I am now benched. :(

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As you know Thursday I ran the 4 on the 4th race. That evening I sat down to relax and when I went to stand I started feeling pain in my right foot. As I tried walking on it, it hurt worse and worse. By Friday afternoon I was in tears trying to walk on it. That evening we had plans to party with our neighbors and celebrate the 4th on the 5th. I assumed my doctors office still had Saturday hours, but I assumed wrong.

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Icing it down before the party

Saturday morning we got up and I couldn't bear pressure on my foot and even while sitting it began to throb in pain. So after calling the doctors office, the husband drove me to the ER and dropped me off. I didn't feel like having them stick around because a) we have two small kids b) I knew I wouldn't be a priority c) it was kind of nice to have some "me" time, even if I was in pain.

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Showing off my new ER jewelry.

The wait wasn't too bad. But as I sat in the wheelchair my foot hurt so bad that no amount of adjusting could get it to stop. Soon enough they wheeled me back. Ran through the usual gamut of questions and eventually they sent in the lab techs for x-rays.

Essentially the pain is located on the outside of my right foot, just in front of the ankle. Kind of where it curves in. When I stand the pain shoots across the bottom of my foot and up my leg. It totally sucks.

Shortly after the x-rays the doctor comes in and checks it out, having already seen the x-rays, says there's no obvious breaks. He then pinches my foot where he thinks the problem is, and he was too far forward on the foot. So once he pokes and prods my foot some more he leaves to check the x-rays again. He comes back and says it's likely a stress fracture, they can't be seen until they've started healing (2-3 weeks), and/or a combination of pulled ligaments. Either way I have to see my regular doctor in 5-7 days and if it's not improving I'll likely have to see a orthopedic doctor.

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No visual sign of swelling.
So he sent me packing with a boot and prescription for pain killers. They wheeled me out to the ER exit to await my husband to pick me up and let's say by then the meds they gave me in the ER had started kicking in and I was all but loopy and slap happy.

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I most definitely cannot take the meds unless I am ready for bed. For starters I have two small kids and cannot afford to pass out on the floor leaving them unsupervised. LOL. Secondly it makes me loopy as all get out. I did get a good nine hours stretch of sleep last night and after two days off from working out I was jonesin'. 

So I hobbled to the garage and had the hubby help pull the erg out. I didn't think pushing to 5000m was a good idea, so I opted for a shorter 2000m. Eleven minutes later I was done but not satisfied. Since I missed back/shoulders Friday I worked on the baby back. When I was nice and sweaty, I was happy.

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Sure I'm going to have to modify a lot of my workouts for the next few weeks, but I refuse to give in. My healthy habits are seared in my brain and my body just needs that sweat in order to feel good. I love it!

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