Thursday, July 4, 2013

Four On The Fourth

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Leg day yesterday... last minute decision to wake up at the a$$ crack of dawn to drive to Kansas and run a 4 mile race. Genius I tell you! Two and half hours of sleep? Really sore legs and glutes? Yep... I'm that crazy.

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All four of us made a last minute decision before online registration closed at 7pm last night. It was a crap shoot because I still had to find a sitter last minute, since the hubs had to work. Luckily my Daddy stepped up and agreed to keep the kids overnight due to the early wake time for me. This was so last minute that once we arrived at one of the ladies houses, we had to determine who was actually driving because we hadn't even thought it out that far. LOL.

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Definitely not a fabulous time by any means, but I had fun. My legs were so sore, and around mile 2 my left glute was screaming in pain. I finish and I was proud of that.

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This lovely lady caught up to me after the race started and tapped me on the shoulder. Took me a second to realize who she was. Love see my motivating December Mama!

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Next race... Moms Run This Town, Running Mad Virtual 5k. :D

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