Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weigh In


Weigh in Day

07.09 = ???
07.16 = 211.6

-??? pounds

Total Loss to Date: 66.0 pounds

Frustrated, I still went to weigh in.

Today's first-thing-wake-up-naked weight:

 photo IMG_6874_zps3a461874.jpg

I'm utterly pissed off. So not only did I gain last week but I still gained a smidge this week. There are two ways to look at this. One, I'm "injured" and cannot perform my normal duties and am sitting on my butt more than I normally do, so this is "okay." Two, WHAT THE F&*$? I'm still lifting, still watching my food intake, especially now that I don't have any real cardio to offset those calories. I'm just flippin' pissed off!

I do know that today I find myself rather overly emotional. I'm upset because I cannot find a good cardio solution, that I have access to or can do for free, that doesn't involve putting pressure on my foot. While my foot is slowly healing, it still pains me to put pressure on it for too long (standing to cook). I'm seriously having workout withdraws. Add  that into the fact that Mother Nature was running about a week behind schedule and stressed me out, and now there's those hormones to deal with... I'm just overly tired and drained.

I feel like I have all this pent up energy and no where I can put it to use, which freaks me out. I'm afraid of falling back into a depression and not wanting to work out. Bad situation all around. But here I sit, wanting to work out and not being able to. Most of the solutions I've seen when Googling are the bone heads who say "lift more weights." Duh dip wad, I already do that every other day. I, personally, cannot lift 7 days a week and be successful... I need a little rest in between which is where my cardio comes into play. :P

So if anyone can afford to have a pool put in at my home, so that I can swim for cardio, that would be great. Until then, I apologize for the lack of happiness in this post... I'm just not feeling it today.

 photo WeeklyWorkouts_Jul8-Jul14_zps33b7baa4.jpg

I still only got 3 days of lifting in this week. Upper middle, that was weigh in day and I rested. Lower left two, doctor visit and grocery day respectively. I feel absolutely fabulous the days I lift... I just cannot wait for this foot to heal!

 photo IMG_6866_zps818810b3.jpg

I posted this quote this morning on my IG account. Although I meant it to be used as inspiration for others to get moving towards their goals, as I look at it now it only reminds me of the frustration I'm feeling for not being able to move and having to stand still. Ironic huh?

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Heather said...

You will get back into it. You are doing awesome. Sorry you are frustrated!

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