Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Non-Fried Beef & Been Chimichangas

I've never had a chimichanga. Does that surprise anyone? LOL. So I wasn't sure about this recipe, but it had several great factors going for it.

1) It's a SIMPLE recipe, not too many ingredients!
2) It sounds good, and tastes even better. Just the right amount of spice. But if you can't handle spice I'd forego the crushed red pepper flakes.
3) You can prepare several servings of the meat ahead of time & just reheat it as needed to make another chimichanga for your next meal!
4) It's NOT FRIED! Apparently the real-deal is fried, again not ever having one I didn't know that, but I'm all for non-fried food.

What I learned: Make sure you pay attention to the calories in the tortilla you buy. I didn't until I went to see how many calories would wind up in my tummy and unfortunately the tortilla was a whopping 420 calories alone. :( Otherwise it would be a completely healthy recipe in my book. I served it up with a side of Fat Free Plain Fage (Greek Yogurt), and Spanish Gardens Mild Taco Sauce (0 calories!!!!)

This was also my first experience with re-fried beans. Not too bad! I used La Tiara's 99% fat free refried beans, and they were pretty tasty.So in the end...

I cleaned my plate and my tummy was STUFFED. :D

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Laura Jane said...

Looks delicious! Those tortillas can really get you. Some have a ton of calories. My favorite are whole wheat ones from Sam's club - 100 cals for a larger tortilla with a decent amount of fiber and protein, and they don't cost too much.

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