Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weigh In



Weigh in Day!!!!

6.05 = 242.8
6.12 = 242.8

-0.0 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 17.2 pounds

I've had a rough week. I've really fought myself and only have myself to blame. We had a family reunion this weekend and it's very evident that I still cannot be trusted around cookies & cupcakes. Especially miniature cupcake cones. :(

On a positive note, I wore a shirt today that I haven't been able to squeeze into for three years now. It felt great. So when I got home, rather than being discouraged, I broke out the tape measure. Sure enough, I might not have dropped weight this week, but I'm losing inches! 5 inches total in the past 4 weeks. That's something to be proud of. :)


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