Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo's Anyone?

I've posted one or two head shots, but no full body shots in a while. I'm actually beginning to come out of my shell so to speak for pictures. I've always hidden behind the camera, but I'm enjoying being in more photographs with my babies, while they're still "babies". So, here I am four months after beginning this journey to a healthier me... 235.1 pounds


And for comparison (although not the best due to the weird angle in the first)....


I really wish that pretty tire around the waist would dissipate as the rest of the fat is melting off. :/ Time to work on the core. ;)

Now, I'm not only weighing. I have been taking measurements as well...

Arms: -0.5" (started measuring 5/12)
Hips: -5.75"
Bust: -6"
Waist: -5.5"
Thighs: -3"
Calves: -1" (started measuring 6/12)

I'm liking the changes ya'll...

1 comment:

Mannie said...

Those photos really show a difference. Also another week, another loss. Good luck for next week.

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