Saturday, August 25, 2012

To Kill or Not To Kill

That is the question...

I am missing my walking/running. Seriously, jonesing so bad it's annoying the poop out of me. My daughter has decided that she no longer needs naps. Fan-freakin-tastic. Our general routine is we feed the kids, I put the kids down and the hubs goes out for his run/walk. Then we he gets back I go while they're still asleep & he gets ready for bed. Needless to say with her not sleeping it's throwing one heck of a wrench in the routine. I can't, in good conscience, let a 3 year old roam the house while I'm out & the hubs is attempting to get to sleep. 

Let's rewind a few days ago. I brought up to the hubs that I keep tweaking this one muscle in my back and it's almost as annoying as not getting to go out for a walk. I told him I need some exercises to strengthen it and I wouldn't mind toning up the old body. I mean after all, what good is weight loss if you have excess skin and no muscle tone?

So he put together a workout for me. 7 exercises, 3 sets of 8 reps. Well, being that neither child would nap today and I had to do something, I went to the basement and busted through this new work out. I was eventually interrupted by the daughter who was kind enough to attempt to count, out of order, each rep. Well, I'm pleased to say I finished the work out in under 10 minutes. I was surprised how little time it took. BUT, and this is a big but during the second set I got to stationary lunges and BAM I was feeling it. I mean, holy cow it was near impossible to do the third set of lunges. It was hurting so bad, but in that good way.

I started back up the stairs and probably resembled some old granny trying to wobble her way up. I'm going to feel this tomorrow. So, it may have been a short work out, but it was better than sitting on my booty. Now, I may or may not kill my husband tomorrow. It just depends on the level of ouch I'm feeling.

And for the curious, here's what he's set me up with. All of which I'm using a 5 foot barbell, no additional weight added to it's already 14 pounds.

Don't worry, I got more exercise than what I just listed. I swiffered, mopped, emptied the dishwasher, reloaded the dishwasher, prepped & cooked lunch for everyone and did 4 loads of laundry, all before noon. I'm still working on laundry and dinner is up next! No rest for a SAHM.

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ThunderThighs said...

It's so awesome that your hubby would set up an exercise plan like that for you! Great job on pushing through the pain, too, you'll feel success in the end.

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