Saturday, June 29, 2013

Firecracker Flight 5k

 photo BSP_4370_zps1bd1c872.jpg
Pre Race Flat Mama
LOVE my new sox. They are a bit snug on the old thick calves, but they fit. That's more than can be said for any others I've tried at the local stores. And my headband sums up WHY I'M CRAZY ENOUGH to run TWO RACES in ONE DAY! I'm in it for the bling.

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Pre Race

 photo IMG_6130_zpsc1c0f274.jpg
Post race with my bling.

 photo IMG_6126_zps08cb3522.jpg
Wha wha whaaaaaa

NOT my fastest time by any means. This course had some major hills that sucked big honkin' donkey balls. Secondly my lovely 3 year old decided this would be the PERFECT time to pass his germies to me and I woke up with a congested chest and said hills only compounded the breathing issues I had going on. I felt worthless this race. Also... this sucks so bad, at mile 1 I thought I hit the lap button, um no, I hit the stop button on the Garmin. Grrrrr. Who knows how long I went before I realized it as it ended up only showing 2.83 miles after the finish. :/ Thank goodness for timing chips!

 photo IMG_6132_zpsc8791d4b.jpg
Two hot messes!

 photo IMG_6125_zps783725b4.jpg
So thankful for my running buddy, Marisa.

 photo IMG_6140_zps1e27d998.jpg
New Bling!!! Have to order a medal hanger soon. :)

I'm not going to say this race was fun, because I was miserable the entire time. The hills and lack of oxygen nearly killed me. I will say... I'll do it again because it's likely they'll change the location next year. ;) But Marisa & I have determined we will run this Annual Series of Holiday Runs until we can no longer run. Yay for running buddies!

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