Friday, August 12, 2011


So, the hubs and I started walking together after lunch, right? Then he says "I wonder if it's even making a difference?" I told him to give it some time. He said "No, I mean, am I overdoing it on the calories so much that walking isn't going to cut it?" Well I don't know? I count my own calories and so should he.

After we put the kiddos down for a nap I set him up with his own My Fitness Pal account. Then we re-hashed his night and everything he'd consumed...HOLY MOLY. He'd eatin' himself just shy of 3,000 calories. HE HAS A DESK JOB!!!! So, once his eyes were opened to the copious amounts of calories he'd consumed and the gianormous pile of sodium he'd ingested, he decided he'd best start tracking his calories again. Good call honey! He's been stuck at 222 pounds for a couple of years now and no amount of working out (even though little) was helping...well I'm pretty sure downing 3 cans of Dr. Pepper overnight isn't going to help the cause. So now he has a tool of measurement to keep his calories in check.

Next we broke out the tape measure. I haven't measured since May 30th, and of course we needed beginning measurements for him. He was a little shocked that he'd lost some girth in his thighs and biceps, but what man wouldn't be. Then he was upset by the waist and chest measurements. I'm sure at that point he recalled the conversation he had with Baby Girl a couple days back when she referred to his chest as "Daddy's boobies." I told him at least now he has a starting point and can begin changing for the better. After getting all the measurements he wanted, we moved on to me.

Now as of lately I've been rather ticked off that the scale hasn't changed. But at the same time I've been running/walking more. So there had to be some sort of trade off, and you all have reminded me of that. It just takes numbers like these to realize it. My jeans fit loser, my shirts are looking better on me, but it's still irritating to be sitting at the same number on the scale for over a month. :/

Good news is...the measurements are shrinking!!!! Except for my thighs? I'm guessing that by jogging my quads are gaining muscle, as they do feel tighter? Butt seriously...4" off my hips? That explains the saggy butt syndrome showing up in my jeans. :) 3" off my bust is nice, I'm attributing it to losing that back-side boobies as the front side ones are still  lactating. :P I'm pleased with the new measurements, but it will be nice to see the number on the scale drop some more. I just have to stick to it and now that the hubs is on board it should make things even easier for me. Right? Tell me I'm right. LOL.

Hope everyone else is doing good out there!


financecupcake said...

Bobbi!!! First, you got your man walking with you. Then he wants to know about his calories, anf you taught him. You helped him take measurements. You've got this health and fitness thing down, and you're spreading the joy and knowledge! YES!!!! How freaking awesome does that feel? I am so excited for your family! That is so neat Adam wants to track his eating!

I've lost quite a few inches from my bust, too. Most of it, fortunately, was back fat. :)

Alison said...

THATS SO AWESOME!!!! I wish I would've taken my measurements! You are doing such a fabulous job Mama and I just want to HUG Adam for jumping on the health bandwagon with you!! It's SO HELPFUL to have a supportive partner!! :) LOVE YA MAMA!

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