Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's a tough road

When the hubs is off of work we tend to go for our run at night. That was the case Monday night and it was fabulous. There could be two reasons behind it...

1) It was night and a lot cooler without the sun beating down on us.
2) I was trying a new route, guesstimating how far we'd gone. Not knowing the distance may have pushed me faster?

Then today we went back to after lunch, and it was horrible. My legs were sore to begin with, we were under a heat advisory and it was brutal. I adjusted the route to a little over 4 miles and we finished in 1 hour 7 minutes...a 16 minute average pace and that sucks. I loved where I was hitting 15 minute miles with the old 3 mile route. I'm guessing that part of it is that the new route is tougher, so of course that will slow me down, but add it the terrible sun and yeah...I feel like I'm as slow as a snail.

I guess with each new trial I get stronger, so I just need to hang in there, but man does it do a number on me mentally. :/

On a side note, I tried a new slow cooker chicken recipe tonight...FABULOUS! Easy and Low Calorie!!! Sweet. If anyone is interested in hearing about my American Stockyard Harvest Apple Pulled Chicken...let me know and I'll put together a post. Now to prepare for a weigh in.

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financecupcake said...

Two things:

1) Not every run will be fast. It's actually good to vary your pace and distance.

2) Why were you running on sore legs? You have to give yourself time to recover. You get stronger by letting your body recover. :)

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