Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Feeling Good

Although, it's only day two and the day isn't over. ;)

3.28 - Athletes of All Shapes & Sizes

Today I felt so fabulous after our run/walk that I had the hubby snap a couple of pics for the blog, and for records sake. I'm rather proud of this first one. No, not my size in particular, but what my Bondi Band says. True, I'm not that athletic, but I'm working on that. But the message is awesome: Athletes come in all Shapes and Sizes!

I also needed an updated shot for my progress record, starting weight of 260.0

3.28 - Another Day of a New Me

And to get all corny, "It won't be like this for long." I'm feeling determination, and with the support I've got going I know I can make a complete change this time.

I've also been dabling with the idea of changing my blog name. For now it states "A New Me." But I think I need to change the URL. I'm no longer up a creek. I've got my nemesis, I've got my friends, but most importantly I've now got answers. I don't feel clueless like I did in the beginning of this blog.

So, help a gal out. What names/url do you suggest?

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