Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recouping & Looking Ahead


Yup.... 106º today. I didn't realize it when I started out for my walk turned jog. How's that? I didn't realize it was quite so awful until a block into jogging it because really really difficult to breathe. Then I "realized" man, it's like a furnace blowing out here. I guess 12 mile an hour winds would do that. I wanted to bust out at least four if not five miles. Sadly after jogging and alternating walking the first two miles, and arriving around the two and a half mile mark I started feeling sick to my stomach. So I sauntered on home and finished just three miles. But that's great.

I've been sickly and recovering from an allergy attack since Sunday. But I am determined to keep working out while recouping. It might not be a big deal to some, but for me when a road black such as this would arise in the past I would just give up all together and a few days off would turn into weeks and so forth. Not this time! I am adamant about keeping up with the exercise as long as my body can handle it. ;)

Each day has gotten a little more better, allergy wise. Unfortunately weather wise it has gone down hill. However... I still got off my butt and put forth a valiant effort.


I also had this long drawn out post I "wrote" in my head while out walking yesterday. It was riddled with hate for allergies and all sorts of things I wanted to jot down. I often tend to write posts in my head but they never seem to make it to "paper." And of course most of the material is gone now that I got my thoughts out there... :(

One thing I do know that I wanted to put down was my feelings towards weight loss. These days I've been very frustrated. I have every right to be, but I also probably shouldn't be complaining about it. For the past 17 weeks I have NOT had one gain on the scale. I've had one week were I didn't go up or down, but otherwise each week has seen some sort of loss. So why am I upset at that?

Because in the past 17 weeks I've only managed to melt off 23 pounds. That sucks in my world. I'm frustrated to step on the scale and only see 0.4 or 0.8 gone. I reasonably expect to see one pound gone each week and it's just not happening that way.

Because of this I reached out to a fellow weight watcher. We reviewed, what I'm doing point wise, and tossed around a few ideas. And now I have an updated game plan. I have a great feeling about this. Currently I'm allotted 36 daily points. I'm also a fruitoholic. Do I eat veggies? Yes, but probably not nearly as many as I need to, but rather I'd scarf the sweet stuff. I mean who wouldn't?

The Game Plan
  • I'm going to stay around 33 points daily.
  • I will limit my fruit intake to 3 servings a day.
  • I will increased my vegetable intake to as much as I can handle.
  • I will continue to monitor my water intake daily.
  • I will strive harder to reach a goal of 5 days a week of exercise.
  • I will lay off the Skinny Cow Ice Cream. :P

Will this work? Time will tell but something has gotta give. And I'm not about to let that damn scale win this one! Here's a review of today, reflecting my new game plan. Now off to eat my peach, carrots & laughing cow. Good night all!


P.S. I forgot to write up my weigh in post for this week...

Weigh in Day!!!!

7.17 = 237.2
7.24 = 236.8

-0.4 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 23.2 pounds

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