Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weigh Day & Injury



Weigh in Day!!!!

7.10 = 239.0
7.17 = 237.2

-1.8 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 22.8 pounds

That's a number I like seeing. :D

Another fabulous thing about today's weigh in? I received my 16 week award!!!! It feels awesome to know that I've stuck with this program for that long. Why? Because I can't say that I've stuck with any other program for more than a month or two. That should tell you right there why Weight Watchers is so great.


In other news, I've been sticking to my workouts but they've been less frequent. While I know there's a need for exercise I have a legitimate excuse. I'm trying to remedy it, but working out is not helping the situation any... So, if you have a weak stomach DO NOT SCROLL DOWN.

I have, unfortunately, developed a major blister in one of the worst spots possible, on the side of my heel. You say, oh that's not so bad...it gets worse. I managed to develop not one but FOUR blisters on the same spot because of my repetitive workouts. I thought "oh it'll just start building a callus. Boy was I wrong. It is so tender I can barely wear my flip flops. I managed to trim down the excess skin to the next to new layer of skin, because I know it still needs protection, but I'm not sure (aside from buying new shoes) how to continue working out while allowing this "thing" to heal. C'est La Vie.

I'm going to give my blister band-aids a go, but I may have to find alternative work outs indoors while this thing fixes itself. :/


That's it for now! Keep your heads up.

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