Friday, August 10, 2012

How I'm training

So on the WW forum some one left me a comment regarding my short post where I announced I had signed up for my first race. At first I wasn't quite sure how to take it...

Hmmmm. Well I'm a little stumped on that. Am I brave for running a 10K? No. Am I crazy? Well given I've never even ran an official 5K, I'd say I'm more on the crazy side. As for how I prepared, I haven't. In essence I've been doing 5K's 5 days a week as my normal exercise routine. So I jumped at pushing myself to a 10K. 

I guess I figured if I registered for the race I would have to push myself to that next level. So I technically haven't trained for the 10K yet... I also only have one month to get there. Why did I do this to myself? Because I feel I am ready for it, because I have that nagging "need" inside that wants more than just "getting exercise." I'm pretty sure my athletic side is starting to show her face again and she can get rather competitive.

10K Trainer

So, how will I train for the upcoming 10K? I'm going to stick with the Zen Labs 10K trainer. I loved their 5K app so why not stick with what works. I'm also slightly excited to see they've recently released both a half marathon & full marathon trainer app too... in time, in time.

10K Trainer

Yesterday I completed day 1. Obviously I have less than 14 weeks to prepare, HOWEVER due to my continuous 5K exercising, I'm going to skip ahead to the more advanced weeks. After the 20 minute training session was over yesterday, I continued on and ran through the 3 miles I generally would. The trainer only allowed me to get a mile and a half before the "work out" was over.

I completed the three miles in 46 minutes!!!! It felt great and I've noticed that my distance between walking is increasing and my breathing has been going really well. Sometimes I have to remind myself how to breathe, but I'm seeing myself improve.

So, there you have it... In less than 30 days I will try to be prepared for my first 10K.


Hoot said...

Bobbie, I can give you the biggest virtual hug!!! I'm so glad you found my new blog and are going to be there with me!!

WTG On your first 10K!! I'm so excited to see how you do!!!

Mannie said...

Hi, just came here to cheer you on and say congrats for losing 8 weeks in a row! Also good luck with the 10k. I could never do a race that long, you've started the training early so no last minute rushing, which is the sort of thing I tend to do.

ThunderThighs said...

I definitely think you're brave, even if you don't agree. It takes guts to set a goal and actually achieve it. It might not be the same bravery it would take to skydive or enlist in the army, but it's still a big deal. A lot of people can't even walk a mile let alone run six! Good luck!! And thanks for the app ideas, I've been looking for a good one. :)

Bobbi Sharp said...

Thank you all for your awesome comments!!!! I'm excited and nervous yet... I will definitely let ya'll know how I do in 28 days. LOL.

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