Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Does 50 Pounds Feel Like?

{Warning: NSFW}

So you're probably wondering why this post wouldn't be safe for work. I'll forewarn you...I will be showing you some pics of me in my bra & undies.  O___o

But first, let's ponder a few things, shall we? You constantly see me moan & groan about not loosing a pound. I'll reference I "only" lost x.x lbs. But in reality, what is ONE POUND???


THAT is one pound of body fat... *BLINK* *BLINK* Wow. Just let that sink in. That is what one of those pesky pounds look like. That's what one of those pounds look like on my body?

So, if that's what ONE pound of body fat looks like, what does FIVE pounds look like?


Um, again, WOW. That's rather disturbing. Seriously. So you wanna see what one versus five looks like?


Ewwww. Now that we've let that sink in... I have lost FIFTY of those pesky, nasty looking pounds of fat.


Hmmm... 50 Pounds? What exactly looks like fifty pounds? Anyone? Yes, you there in the back...

Ah yes, the 50 pound dumbbell.
You sir?
A sack of potatoes? Clever.
And you Ma'am?
Holy Cow! A 50 pound bale of hay? I used to sling those as a teenager on our farm.
Those are some really great suggestions you guys! Thanks for participating. Now, funny thing is? I've lost MORE WEIGHT than the jogging stroller I use to push the kids around our neighborhood!!!


So what is next for me? Well I'm still a far cry from my goal. But I'm slowly moving there. So the next time you hear me complain about "only losing a pound" please feel free to refer me to my own post. ;)

As for those nekid pictures I promised you above... I am ever so grateful I stopped to take pictures of myself so that I can see my progress. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of myself at 277.6 as the first set I was brave enough to take was at 268.6. So the pictures don't quite reflect the entire 50 pounds, but it's pretty darn close. ;)

And I've been told I'm a brave soul for posting these on the internet. I don't see myself as being brave, I see myself as a woman who was determined to change her life one step at a time and hopefully in the process I will help someone else in their journey. Without photographs of yourself, you will never know just how far you've come. So if you haven't taken true "before photographs" of yourself, I encourage you to do so. You don't have to share them on the internet as I'm doing, but at least do it for yourself. You will thank me later. ;o)

So without further mumbo jumbo {don't say I didn't warn you} here I am in all my glory...




Next stop...


So what does 50 pounds feel like? After comparing these feels amazing. To know what my body is capable of and to know that I CAN DO THIS!!!! There is no feeling in the world like accomplishment!


Need to Get ME Back said...

First of all, that 50 lb bag of potatoes is so heavy! I tried to pick up one awhile back and nearly took my back out... how I lived with that extra weight is crazy. And second, you look awesome girl, keep up the great work!

Mannie said...

I love these sort of posts. Congrats on showing the changes in your body, it is really noticeable. Also, that 50 pound bag of potatoes, well you've lost 10 1/2 of them in terms of energy, or 1500 medium sized apples, or 290 Big Macs.

ThunderThighs said...

WHOA! What a way to put it into perspective! Awesome job!! Keep at it!!! :)

Lovebug6100 said...

Your pictures are amazing!! You are doing great!! And giving me hope that I can make changes like that too!!

BEE said...

congrats on the weight loss that is amazing

~Ashley~ said...

You're doing sooo well :-) Thanks for all the perspective stuff. Seeing the giant piles of gooey body fat really... well... it sure makes it a little easier to skip dessert. ;-) Keep it up!!

Heather said...

You are a rockstar!

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