Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 Things


Week six - Be kind to yourself: make a list of ten things you love about yourself. Sometimes this can be the hardest thing to do!

Not sure how this list is going to wind up since I'm working on ridding myself of a killer headache at the moment and I'm just sitting here in a funk. Here goes nothing...

  1. Ability to change - I have not always been so willing to adapt to change. In fact I would have rather spent time fighting change than going with the flow. Since starting with WW I have learned to adapt more easily and try things I would have never tried in the past.
  2. OCD - In a good way. When I start something, I generally HAVE to finish it before I can move on. This comes in handy most times, but sometimes it can hinder things. But for the purpose of exercising, it seems to come in handy. When I think I should give up, OCD kicks in and I finish to the end. Kind of handy huh?
  3. Creative Crafty Brain - I'm a very creative person. I love crafting. Mostly I love making hair bows and tutus. It's my little side business and my daughter always tries to hoard my creations. It's actually partly to blame for my lack of posts lately as I'm gearing up for a couple of holiday shows in the very near future. I love being able to create unique pieces for my clients and having the freedom to do something I love.
  4. Musical - I have always loved music and I love that it is rubbing off on my children. My daughter especially. I can only hope that she continues to love music as much I have over the years. Why I love that I'm musical? It's a great way to blow off steam, or relax. I'm primarily a vocal artist and dabbled in theater in high school. But I learned to read music through band. Yup, "this one time at band camp".... er, if you're curious I began with the french horn, but quickly switched to the clarinet and in high school I added the bass clarinet during concert band season.
  5. Visual - I'm a very visual person. I LOVE photography and capturing memories. I'm still growing in my craft but it definitely is a great way to view life from different aspects. I love that through photography my children will be able to see the little things that I captured while they were growing up. 
  6. Calves - I always saw myself as having cankles. But since starting this journey I can see that what I thought was cankles, really isn't. Now I'm seeing some amazing definition and I LOVE it. I really like the way they are shaping up these days.
  7. Tattoos - I love my tattoos, both of them. :D My favorite animal is a frog. In my early twenties one of my bff's from high school went with me and I got my first tat which appears to be a frog jumping out of my pants, on my lower back. LOL. It's silly and for no other reason other than I love frogs. The other one is a motivator and means a lot to me, you can see it here.
  8. Giving - I do a lot for other people before I think of myself. It just makes me feel good that I can help others in need.
  9. Monkey Toes - Yes, I have monkey toes and I love it. I love being able to pick things up off of the floor without having to bed over. I also love being able to yank my hubby's leg hair with them when we wrestle. LOL. 
  10. My Body - I may not always like my body, but I love it. Confused? No, I do not like the extra skin hanging around my mid section or the excess fat still on me. But I love my body, I was able to successfully conceive, carry within my body and deliver two children safely. Not every woman has that luxury. It has been with me through the good and the bad and will always be mine. I have to love it for what it is and the capabilities it possesses. I love it, baby wounds and all.

There you have it. Probably one of the most difficult lists I've ever had to write.

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