Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weigh In Day / FFFC Week 3



Weigh in Day!!!!

9.25 = 225.8
10.2 = 224.6

-1.2 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 53 pounds

That's a little bit better than last week. Still not as fabulous as what you're about to see below! I'm not below my weight on my wedding day!!!! This is awesome. I can see myself slowly closing in Onederland!

Today's first-thing-wake-up-naked weight:


This week felt much better AFTER my terrible splurge after last week's meeting. But I'll get into the nity gritty of that in my 8 Week Challenge Post.

Fit & Fabulous Fall Challenge over at Thunder Thighs!

Start: 228.0
Week 1: 225.3 <2.7lb>
Week 2: 225.3 <0lb>
Week 3: 223.6 <1.7lb>


Thunder Thighs Fit & Fabulous Fall Challenge

Week Four's Mini Challenge is:

Week four - Half way! Blog about your progress so far and set three goals you'd like to achieve for the last 4 weeks of the challenge.
Here's my entry for the week 3 mini challenge.

Check in for this week HERE.

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