Wednesday, October 10, 2012

8 Week Challenge - Week 2 Results


Start: 225.8
Week 1: 224.6 < 1.2 lbs >
Week 2: 223.2 < 1.4 lbs >
Week 3: 0 < 0 lbs >
Week 4: 0 < 0 lbs >
Week 5: 0 < 0 lbs >
Week 6: 0 < 0 lbs >
Week 7: 0 < 0 lbs >
Week 8: 0 < 0 lbs >

Total Challenge Loss: < 2.6 lbs >


Looky there! My turkey grew another "feather." It was for recognizing the areas I could change within my daily tracker to improve my eating habits.


So yesterday we discussed what activities we can do with friends that don't involve food. If any of you know anything about me or my family or church family, you understand that I grew up in the mindset that "Anytime we get together is a good time to feast." Church functions always involve food. There's always a carry-in dinner for something. My immediate family? We always get together for dinner when we socialize. And my neighbors? When we get together it's over a fire pit or for smoking some meat, can you say beer & s'mores? Yes... we are social folk that LOVE food.

So we broke into groups and wrote down different things we could do with our friends that didn't have to involve food. Our group had a lot of great suggestions. Walking, shopping, playing card/board games, crafting, going to the pool. There were quite a few things. Sure, some of those things could involve food, but they don't HAVE to.

I'm not sure what my mini goal for this week is going to be. I mean, I generally don't have many opportunities for socializing during the day with the hubs schedule and weekends are off the table since he's working. Being it's getting colder out we can't hang as much outside with the kiddos... Man this seems a lot harder of a challenge when children are involved.

You know, I just might check with my good friend and see if she wants to wander around downtown and do our own little photography walk.

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