Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Time Machine & Weigh In

As if my other post wasn't enough for ya. ;)

Here's a little trip in the time machine:

 photo IMG_5991_zps3dcc732c.jpg

At my heaviest I was 277.6 after giving birth to Irish twins (13 months, 2 days apart) albeit I found out that number in 2011, so long after Baby Boy was born. When I began weight watchers in March of 2012 I showed up 260.0 on the scale. I'm proud to say as of today I'm down to 211.

The scale has been "stuck" these last few months and I've been bouncing in the same zone and it's really starting to wear on me. Although I can see physical change in my muscle appearance, I can feel change in the way my clothes are fitting, I'm still not seeing a ton of change in measurements either. So I'm sure you can see I'm frustrated by this.

But I'm still keeping on, keeping on. I obviously have to figure out what has caused this plateau and break through it. I don't know if stressing over it is complicating the issue or what but man this sucks!

 photo IMG_5975_zps9ba4b0d7.jpg

Also, I've been tossing around changing the name of my blog. While I love "A New Me" I need to find something that will work so I can change the blog URL as well... I am no longer "Up The Creek" so.... suggestions? Let me have 'em. ;)

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Debsdailylife said...

I totally get it!! I fluctuated with the same 6 lbs from almost a year. I took more rest days, I went down from 6 days to 3, I upped my calories on my 3 workout days a week by 400. I And I stopped weighing in for about two months. (That was mentally tough!!) This spring I officially weighed in again, and slowly reduced my calories back down, and am trying to increase my workout number of days again. The weight has started to come off again. I dont know if I was stuck? or if it was something else? Dont give up!! I know its hard!! Youve come a long way!!!

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