Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sweetheart Shuffle 5k

Race number 2 is in the books. Can't really call it a race because we decided to walk it due to inclement weather. Snow boots in tow we hoofed it in just over an hour. :P

 photo SweetHeartLogo_zps5b66ed15.jpg

 photo IMG_5395_zps2bf33bc1.jpg

 photo IMG_5396_zps3d507b95.jpg

 photo IMG_5397_zpsa665c64d.jpg

 photo IMG_5400_zps9087b8fe.jpg

 photo IMG_5404_zps240529e1.jpg

 photo IMG_5414_zpsdbbdff64.jpg

 photo IMG_5415_zps2e9b5536.jpg

 photo Results1_zps9caa30ed.jpg

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