Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weight Update 2014

 photo 930552E3-B117-4D34-9EE4-1D1CB93F8B12_zpsnsmo7dfo.jpg

 photo 10DF530D-D1CF-490B-AB9D-BBBD46AABE4F_zpsvktmp41p.jpg

As you can see I've gained since my last weight update...Thing is my clothes are still baggy and well, I'm seeing more muscle definition. Lean muscle gain? Possibly. Either way I'm tired of fighting with the scale. I want to see that 1 at the beginning of the number. I did really well this month (check out the weight log) and then blew it last night before this mornings weigh in.

Last minute our neighbor called and had us meet up with a former neighbor at the local pub for dinner. food and I indulged. I had a giant greasy burger and french fries...and I shared some honey barbecue boneless wings. Hey, I drank tons of water. :P

So, either way I still lost for the month but now it's time to really buckle down. No candy/junk February is about to go down!

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