Saturday, February 1, 2014

Goals - February

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💖 February 2014 Goals 💖

💖 Hit 100lbs Deadlift PR -- I really really want to hit this PR. I am not sure why I am set on reaching 100lbs other than it seems like a good attainable number. 😉 

💖 More sleep; more than the usual 5 hours a night -- I've slowly been working on this and for the last couple of weeks I cannot stay up past midnight, with the exception of a couple of days ago when baby boy got sick. Still, I will strive to get the sleep my body needs in order to recover. 

💖 Aim for the ever so sought after Onederland -- I have been reaching to break that 200 pound mark for what seems like forever and I truly believe I am so close. So close in fact that I have told myself I will get a reward, the first I've ever given myself on this journey; A new tattoo! 

💖 Stop stressing so much -- I stress over not seeing "enough o this or that" I stress way too much over little things and stress leads to building of cortisol which leads to excess fat retention...I NEED that fat gone, therefore I really have to work on my stress. 😜

Speaking of Onderland... the next post will be a weight update!

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