Monday, May 23, 2011

Challenge Accepted and Promised Pics

First I'm going to start off with the pictures of my garden that I promised last week.

We have cherry tomatoes growing, newly planted cucumbers (due to the bird theft),  and our newly made bird cage to keep the birds from stripping the plants, more cherry tomatoes and  my first Gypsy bell pepper.

More Gypsy bell peppers,  tiny jalapenos, and hidden cherry tomatoes.
My beautiful petunias.

Next up...Challenge Accepted. As you may be aware of I already partake in The Healthy You Challenge. It's nice that I set goals and get support from others that are going through the same struggles I am. So why on Earth would I decide to join another challenge?

The Healthy You Challenge is about changing your lifestyle and making it possible to live a new healthy lifestyle, whereas the Fitblogger, Step Into Summer Challenge is about setting weekly goals for myself and striving to obtain or surpass them. Okay, and it might partially be so I can win a MyTrack.

But seriously it's because I need to get over this "hump" I feel I fallen into. I feel these past few days while preparing for Baby Girls birthday party I've given up eating healthy. I'll be the first to tell you my stomach and butt do NOT appreciate what I've been doing these last few days. So I need to get on with the show. Each day is a new day, but I need to challenge myself to overcome whatever it is that's setting me back. I have not done and actual work out in probably a month, although still slowly losing weight. I'd really like to get back to walking on the treadmill, taking the kids for a walk after dinner or even squeezing in one my workout videos. Um, speaking of, one of them is still in it's original wrapper. Oops.

So what goal would I like to set for myself this week? I challenge myself to open the brand spanking new Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout Video and sweat. Not only that but I'm going to challenge myself to do the workout at least twice before next Monday rolls around. I'm also going to challenge myself to get back to drinking strictly water, with the occasional Coke Zero splurge. I've definitely been taking in too much sodium. I think these are feasible goals and more so I think that I will kick this goals butt!

Also a special thank you to Lisa at Challenge Accepted for turning me onto this new challenge. :)


Lisa Mancini said...

Thank you!!! You're going to love the challenge. It's nice to break down this huge hurdle into weeks. I love it!!! GL!!! And your garden is looking wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

I have a few workout videos never opened. And a few other things too!!

Here's My HYC

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