Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weigh Me Wednesday

Sorry for the delay today folks, but we had to take cover in our shelter for a while. We're still under a threat until who knows when. And unfortunately a tornado touched down in Sedalia, still a ways away from me and it's terrible. Watching the news feed has me more anxious than before. There's also rumors (via facebook) that there was a possible tornado 10 minutes from our home and possible damage around the high school. Guess I'll be hunting for more information. Moving on...

This weeks weigh in is sponsored by T.O.M. (Thanks T.O.M. *insert eye roll*)

5/18/11: 254.2
I am now....
5/25/11: 256.0
Total Loss : +1.8 pounds

And I'll leave you with some pictures I took after coming up from our shelter.

Behind our home.

In front of our home.

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