Monday, August 20, 2012

Why am I ups so late?

I should be sleeping, 1:33am is not a great time to blog, but I have to put this down otherwise it will bug me to the point I cannot get to sleep. Right now I'm thinking about my upcoming race. In 20 days I will partake in my first ever race. I am.not.ready. Oh, and I'm waiting on some laundry to finish that I have to hang up, so hopefully I can get to sleep.


I am pretty much ready for a 5K. But running the 6K is looking like it will be a challenge. So I'm sort of at a crossroads. I do have 20 days until the race, so do I just stick to it and see how the adrenaline pushes me the day of the race, or do I move myself from the 10k to the 5K. I KNOW I can walk the 6K, that's no problem. The problem is running. I'm still heavy, but I'm obviously in a better place than when I started.  I can run/walk the 5K in around 45-48 minutes. But after that, my legs and especially my knee peter out.


I know part of my knee problem is my shoes. They're nearing 300 miles on them. It's time for a new set. I just have to wait until we have enough extra cash to get a new pair. The arches are shot, it's allowing my foot to roll in and putting strain on my knee. I'm stretching, so don't worry that that is an issue. I'm icing and elevating as best I can, as well as taking inflammation meds. I just wish I could force myself to push through and entire 6 miles while running to see if I can do it. Right now it's not looking so good. Today I was going to try to see how I would do running 6 miles through. Ummmm... on a postitive note I ran 2 miles in 29 minutes. On the downside I then had to walk the remaining 4 miles. Thank you child bearing hips.

Changing the subject now... Here's how the last four weeks have looked. 88.29 miles in four weeks, 38 of those were this week alone, thanks to our bike ride. I LOVE seeing all of the blue on my graph. It makes me proud of where I've come from in a short amount of time.



And speaking of time, Saturday night, we spent some time in front of the ole fire pit. It was gorgeous outside. So much so that we, the girls, stayed up until after 2am. :) So imagine my surprise when I saw this on the scale yesterday morning.


WooHoo!!! Come on Tuesday! I'm praying for an even lower number by then.

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ThunderThighs said...

Ok #1 go for the gold! Do the full 10k! Stop psyching yourself out, how will you ever know you can do it until you try?!?! If you have to walk it, walk it! Dot be afraid of failure, you said it yourself that you're already in a better place than you were before and that's worth so much! #2 I know how you feel with the knee thing. It's so frustrating to be in pain when you have a goal in mind such as running. #3 Thanks for inspiring me to log miles on the Daily Mile too! I love seeing all the blue as well!! And #4 good luck with your weigh in on Tuesday!! :)

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