Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks 5K ~ Race Day

At the finish! {You know you love those socks.}

Liberty Giving Thanks 5K - 11.22.12

Chip Time: 41:53
Age Group Place: 41
Overall Place: N/A

It started off a gorgeous day for a 5K, and quickly the clouds rolled in and we got sprinkled on a smidge. But I could handle that, it's the wind that really kicked my butt. Even with the weather shield on the stroller was a huge parachute. 

I did great on my first mile, walked part of the second mile and struggled the third mile. The reason for my struggle? I had to go back up hill and I chased my rabbit and passed her until I reached the middle of the hill and that's when the wind hit and would not let up. C'est la vie.


Mile 1: 12:09
Mile 2: 14:02
Mile 3: 13:22

Average Pace: 13:13

Before the race

Me & my Lean Ladies
Me & the babies.

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