Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weigh In / FFFC



Weigh in Day!!!!

10.30 = 222.2
11.06 = 220.8

-1.4 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 56.8 pounds

It has been quite the week. I started getting sick last week and it only got worse. I haven't worked out all week, my throat is on fire and every time I cough, which for the record is every 2 seconds, I pee myself (thank you big headed babies). :/

So I'm slowly getting back on the up swing and dropping lozenges like they are tic tacs. I'm hoping to feel like hitting the street again real soon. Until then, water water water water. I will also be writing up a catch up post here soon.

Today's first-thing-wake-up-naked weight:


Fit & Fabulous Fall Challenge over at Thunder Thighs!

Start: 228.0
Week 1: 225.3 <2.7lb>
Week 2: 225.3 <0lb>
Week 3: 223.6 <1.7lb>
Week 4: 222.5 <1.1lb>
Week 5: 222.3 <0.2lb>
Week 6: 221.4 <0.9lb>
Week 7: 220.6 <0.8lb>
Week 8: 220.1 <0.5lb>


Thunder Thighs Fit & Fabulous Fall Challenge

Just shy of 8 pounds in 8 weeks. Not too bad. Could it have been better? Sure, but I will take it. :)


Lovebug6100 said...

That's awesome! You're so close to under 220 and almost to under 200....I can't wait to get there! Was there a challenge this week?

Thin Lizzy said...

Way to GO!

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