Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What gives?

So, just a few things. No, I haven't disappeared or fell off the wagon.

1) Halloween night baby girl spews tummy contents all over my parents carpet.
2) I turn up with Bronchitis & an upper respiratory infection as well as fluid in both ears a week after Halloween. Totally my fault for waiting a week to see the doctor as I started getting sick November 1st.
3) Baby boy now has tonsillitis and for two nights straight I had no sleep. We were waking every hour-hour and a half. Oh my God am I drained. This started three days ago.

So of course we had a follow up appointment yesterday am at the same time I weigh in. So for the first time since March 27th I did not weigh in. Crossing my fingers I can catch back up on my sleep and move forward. I'm so over illness around here. :P

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