Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 3

Well tonight I took a break. The main reason being that hubby surprised me with a date, a much needed date. My MIL came over and watched the kids while Adam took me to dinner (Gambino's) and then we did some Christmas window shopping and picked up some stocking stuffers for the kids. The time away from the kids was short, but amazing. I never knew how awesome silence from the back seat is. But then again, I had a few "I miss my midget" moments when I didn't hear my little parrot talking to me.

So, long of the short I took a break, but will get back to it tomorrow. We're also going to train Evan to sleep through the night, so the next few nights will be a little rough, so pray for us. As for my food, today was better. I also decided that, once we have the money, I will be renewing my body bugg subscription. I LOVED that thing. I'm the "must see the numbers" type of girl, so being able to upload my daily steps, calories burned and meeting my goals is a MUST for me. It also will allow me to track my calorie intake and make sure I'm meeting my daily calorie deficit. BIG PLUS!!! BUT, I also need to find a way/person to show me what foods I need to be eating. I mean, seriously what good are the tools if the fuel you're imputing is full of crap? I'm no genius when it comes to "eat this, don't eat that." I had a trainer before and he was all "eat xx carbs, xx protein, ect." and I was all, oh really? Hmmm, what can I eat that makes that up? Yeah, I cannot for the life of me make up a meal plan. So I have to find someone/something that can help me. There has to be a program out there that says, you need xxx calories, eat xxx. Anyone? Eh, I'm still going to look into seeing a nutritionist, I know that would at least be a step in the right direction.

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Amber said...

Bobbi, eat fruits and veggies as much as you can. Eat at least one a meal and make them your snacks. They are great fillers :). Push for protein in the morning, as in eat yogurt and a handful of almonds instead of toast or cereal.

Don't eat off the kids plates.

Eat a large lunch so you don't munch before and after dinner.

Keep the sweets out of the house. You will get your fill at parties or in the grocery line :)

At least that is how I think....

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