Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 4

FAIL! :/

I'm not making excuses, just wanting to put down what happened so when I look back I can say...oh that's why you didn't lose anything! Yesterday we babysat our Goddaughter and then I had to work a show. So on the down side I didn't get anytime on the rower, but I was standing on my feet and walking for four hours at work. Gotta love show biz!?!?! So I can say I did get a little exercise in, just not the kind I wanted. Here's to a better tomorrow.

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financecupcake said...

Fail? Girl, that doesn't sound like a fail at all! Also, taking a day off exercise is totally mandatory! Your body gets stronger during rest/recovery. That's the point, right? Those muscles burn more calories!

Don't be too tough on yourself girlfriend. Def push yourself, but remember you're strving for progress, not perfection. It's easy to have an all-or-nothing mentality, so try not to view imperfections as failures. You are doing so much better now than you were a month ago!

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