Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 5

Sorry for the crappy pic, but I felt awesome after my workout! Oh and you get to see what I currently look like, sorta. ;)

Back on the horse again. Tonight was a later workout than what I wanted, but I was torn between rowing and finishing my football game. Love me some Huskers. So I decided to just do it. Besides I'll be up half the night w/ Evan and trying to get him to sleep for more than two hours at a time. Back to rowing. After my blisters I decided that I would whip out my old riding gloves, you know from back in the day when I could sit on my bike and do a 14 mile ride with my hubby. They sooooooo helped. So I guess I need to see if they make actual gloves for rowing, note to self.

Amber suggested that if I felt up to it, since my splits were under 3:00, that I could aim for 2:40. Well, I must say I shocked the crap out of myself when my first interval split was 2:30. It wained a little after that because of course you wear down after a while, but the whole point of rowing is endurance and that's something that will come with time. I am however very happy that all four interval splits were under 2:45. SCORE! I really am digging rowing, have I mentioned that? So I'll be back tomorrow with more updates! Oh and only 3 more days till weigh in. :o)

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1 comment:

Amber said...

Keep working on the sub 2:40.

And ditch the gloves. I won't tell you what we do to people who come down to the boathouse with gloves on. My callouses were bigger than Mike's in prime rowing season :)

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