Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 2

Another day is in the books. And I must say I'm very proud of myself. I have three war wounds now, one on my left heel, and one under each ring finger. Lord I hate blisters. So I learned that I'm griping the handles too tight. Guess I need to work on that. Other than those things I WAS AWESOME. Being that it was only my second go round I improved my splits and did better with managing my strokes per minute.

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So the low down is this: I had a 2:45.0/500m and an average 22 s/m. This is an awesome improvement over last night and what I will strive to continue to reach, until I'm in better shape that is. ;) I also dove into the information/wires that came with our rower and am using the log card that came with it to track my progress (hence the new pic). It also ranks me against other online rowers, not that I'm concerned with that right now. I just like being able to see the number all in one place. I'm totally psyched to see my progress! The other upside is that it saved my work out so I don't have to program it for my intervals each time now. I'm such a smartie some times. LOL.

As for the calorie aspect, today wasn't too bad. Although I know I didn't take in enough calories and the ones I did eat/drink were empty calories. NOT GOOD. By the next go round for grocery shopping I am hoping to replace "usual suspects" with healthy alternatives. I'm almost leaning towards seeing if our insurance covers the cost of seeing a dietitian. I don't know, something to think about I suppose.

I will say I feel better about myself right now. The fact that I am digging these work outs and wanting to continue to do it amazes myself. I'm praying that I will keep up this energy, this want to accomplish something great in my life...a healthier me.

In picture news I've decided to have Adam take some "before" pictures for me, you know like the ones you see in commercials. But seriously, when I had a gym membership it was something my trainer highly recommended. You can use it not only for nostalgic purposes, but as a means to never return to that unhappy place in your life. I'm not a huge fan of photographs of myself, but for the sake of showing the progress to myself, I think I need these photographs. Although, it may be a while before I share them with the public.



financecupcake said...

You are doing awesome! Be proud of your war wounds! I don't know anything about rowing, but I do know improvement is always good. :) The log card sounds pretty sweet.

Yep, eating is def important. You don't want to stall your metabolism! Eating is especially important now that you're exercising. If you eat less and exercise more, your metabolism will really be off. If you can't see a dietician, I recommend reading a lot of books and teaching yourself what you need to know wabout eating right.

You think you love working out now? Wait until you start seeing progress! That's the best motivation! Pictures are a good way to check your progress, as is taking your measurements. Sometimes the scale stalls for one reason or another, and it helps to see that you are losing inches. The scale is just one measure of your success and your journey to a healthier you!

Reading your blog makes me so happy!

Amber said...

I am liking the numbers. If you are still feeling good, break 2:40 on all of those splits....

On the eating, try to keep a log. I am not great at it but I tracked my eating for a week and it really helped me narrow down where the frivolous eating was. As in my Cherrios in the morning. Turns out they are useless when I already eat greek yogurt and almonds and a banana.

Just sayin'....

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