Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weigh Me Wednesday

Late night + little sleep = crappy weigh in. Or is it eating out too much + too little water = crappy weigh in. Yeah, enough excuses. Time to get back up on that horse and fix things again. This is my first back slide in six weeks? I should be thankful it's just ounces and not pounds.

4/25/11: 256.0
I am now....
5/04/11: 256.8

Total Loss Gain: +0.8 pounds

I do feel better about myself even if the scale doesn't show it. I've been working in the yard (and got burned twice, two days in a row) and accomplishing some landscaping as well as helping my hubby trim the yard. Can you say sore? The first day I was digging and moving rocks and dirt. Then while still sore, I lugged the trimmer around the fence perimeter and holy cow it made me even more sore. Two days later and it still hurts to lift anything.

Also, even if the scale isn't reflecting anything, my underwear are. How weird did that sound? Seriously, I'm at the point where I have to, pardon me, roll my underwear down otherwise they'd come up to my bra. Can you say, time to reward myself with new undies? Oh Yeah! I'm also getting this horrible sagging going on in my jeans. It seriously looks like a toddler with a full diaper back there. The waist is slightly loose, but not enough to go down another size, but the butt? I'm pretty sure I could throw some odds and ends back there and use it as a purse. Soon enough...soon enough.

Time to end the show with some fun pics!
Here's what I did the first day of landscaping...I removed all of the rock, dug out the clay, replaced it with planting soil, planted my new hostas, washed the rocks, put the rocks back and then planted the new tree in the pot.
My new hostas.
Yesterday for lunch my hubby grilled some boneless skinless chicken breasts and corn on the cob! If anyone wants the corn recipe, just let me know and I'll get it posted. And of course Baby Girl was impressed. ;)
How was your weekend?


ThunderThighs said...

It was only a tiny little gain, probably only water weight. And it's good you feel better about yourself, and I'm glad to hear that your underwear are fitting better (snicker snicker). Seriously, though, it's a good sign to feel your clothes growing even if the number on the scale is too.

BTW, hit up my blog, there's an award waiting for ya!!

Jane said...

Love your photos, the first one is so pretty with a nice summer feel.

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